Ukraine was the most developed marine region of the USSR. There were more than thirty sea and river ports and more than fifty marine educational institutions within the territory of the Ukrainian SSR. There were 6 large shipping companies in Ukraine such as:
Black Sea Shipping (head office in Odessa) owned a big fleet of Bulk Carriers, Container Ships, Tanker Ships and Passenger Ships;
Azov Shipping (head office in Mariupol) managed a fleet of General Cargo Ships, Bulkers, Ro-Ro;
Antarctica (head office in Odessa) and Atlantica (head office in Izmail) operated a fleet of Refrigerator Ships and Fishing Vessels;
Ukrainian Danube Shipping (head office in Izmail) owned a fleet of Coasters, Refrigerator Ships;
Ukrrichflot (head office in Kiev) had Coasters, Dry Cargo Ships, Passenger Ships.

The total amount of Ukrainian fleet exceeded 50% of the whole fleet of the USSR.

As a result, after the dissolution of the USSR, the number of fleet was reduced dramatically and a lot of Ukrainian seafarers and graduates were thrown idle.

It motivated us to establish a private crewing company “Tenet” in 1993 with head office in Yalta. It was a new business for us and our government. First our clients were several Greek companies. We are very grateful to them and always remember about it.

By 1997 our company was stably on its feet and we made a decision on reregistering the company to Tenet Co LLC. The list of our clients increased noticeably and was supplemented by companies from Spain, Germany and Iran. It led to establishing branch offices within Ukraine. Two offices were established in Mariupol in 1998 and in Kherson in 2000.

After 2000, the list of our clients was completed by companies from Belgium, Singapore, USA, Greece and Latvia. That increased the number of crew requests and in 2006 we took a decision on establishing a branch office in Odessa and since May 2009 this office has become the head office of our company.

Unfortunately due to the world economic crisis in 2009 the fleet number of our clients was decreased and we had to close down the branch office in Kherson.

But we are not at a stop; we have worked out the repair and service proposals for shipping companies. The operation of the company has expanded in marine industry and we decided to revise the company’s name. Since July 2010, the full name of our company has become Tenet Marine Company Ltd.