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Tenet Marine Company Company is a leading Crew Management company in Ukraine.
Tenet Marine Company was established in 1993 and since then, it has been providing a comprehensive range of crewing services. The head office is located in Odessa. The company manages the network of branch offices in Ukraine and overseas offices in Russia, Georgia and the Baltic states.
We focus the recruitment of experienced, qualified and certified seamen, in accordance with STCW'95. We recruit seamen on different types of vessels, such as Bulk Carriers, Container Ships, Tanker Ships, Refrigerator Ships, Passenger Ships, Coaster Ships and Offshore Fleet.

Tenet Marine follows strict selection procedures seeking seamen with high competence standards, extensive experience, good Endlish knowledge, job ambitions and motivations, work safety, loyalty and honesty.
We are fully devoted to Shipowners/Managers and ensure that we meet their needs and management principles.
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We unite marine specialists and ship-owning companies since 1993